How to use money in Revolut to buy online


How can I use my money in Revolut to buy items online?

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Hey, do use your Revolut account to buy stuff online you either need a physical card or a virtual card. Virtual Cards are VISA cards that is immediately activated for use.

If you are a premium member you can also get a disposable virtual card.

I kust have my revolut virtualk card

If you have a virtual card, then you can use it as a normal debit card online. Just enter the information on the checkout page where you are wanting to buy stuff.

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Hi there. You can find your card details in the Cards section of the app. :slight_smile:

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if i get a revolut junior for my son (age 13), can he use the card for online purchases?

You can use the card online if authorised by the primary user, you should be able to manage restrictions and limits in the junior tab.

Hi there, my daughter has also a junior card. We disabled all of the restrictions but when she wants to buy something online with Ideal and Revolut it says that her code or phone number isn’t right??? But she can login her Revolut app.

Is there a way too change her phone number?

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