How to Use Different Currencies

Do I simply have the main screen on the currency I want to use and that currency will be in use on the card?

I have three currencies on here, but only used my default currency for the card activation.

Can I use multiple currencies in a day without getting the card frozen? I have a layover where the currency is different from the final destination’s.


Have a read here for how the system decides which currency to use.

As far as when/if your card will be frozen I am unable to help - I dont think Rev would divulge what triggers a frozen account.


It says “Your card will auto-convert your balance to the currency you’re spending in at the best available rate, so you don’t have to pre-purchase currencies” but in my post, I’ve stated I already pre-purchased currency.

I have three currencies on my card. Euro, HUF, and GBP. I want to use the pre-purchased GBP now and the pre-purchased HUF later today. How do I make the card use my GPB rather than my HUF? Afraid to use the card at the UK airport incase it takes from my HUF


What is your base currency?
What currency will your purchase be in?

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If you spend in the UK it will be deducted from your GBP account as long as you have a sufficient balance in it.


It worked out well with the sterling at the airport.

Now, I’m in Hungary and want to take out some of the HUF I purchased via ATM. Ya know, for artisan market goods. Will ATMs likely charge me for withdrawing HUF from their machines?

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Depends on each ATM
Haven’t used my card in Hungary :slight_smile:
When withdrawing make sure you decline DCC (ATM might offer you to convert for you)
Always pay/withdraw in local currency :+1:


Thanks ! really interesting, I’ve got the same issue : I have two currencies and pre-purchased with the best GDP rate today (I move to Scotland tomorrow) . how do you know it will be automatically deducted from my GDP part and not from the Euro part, where is it written ? please, cause I can’t find … thanks so much

Thanks for your answer cause I have the same issue,

I have just pre-purchased GDP cause tomorrow I move to Scotland, (to benefit from the best rate) but I also have Euros on my card,

How do you know it’s automatically deducted from the GDP account, where is this written ? cause I can’t find anything about this, thanks so much for your help Tony,

Hi Laura
Daidai beat me to it - hope that answers your question.

I keep forgetting, Must be age, I’m off to Thailand soon, BUT, I always forget.
When withdrawing cash from a Thai ATM, Should I use WITH or WITHOUT conversion.?

I presume If I have 50,000 Bhat in my Bhat A/c it will USE that FIRST then when that’s utilised it will then use your home currency (£) when that’s used up it will eventually use crypto.

So, WITH OR WITHOUT conversion?
Am I correct in assuming the above is correct?

It will use the currency of the withdrawal PROVIDED the there is enough for the entire withdrwal. If th balance is insufficient to cover the entire transaction it will NOT use any of it. This is very clear from the above link.

Choose without conversion or you will let the merchant bank convert the transaction at an unfavourable rate.


Thank you for correcting me.