How to unblock Revolut card

Hi, I have several Revolut cards, one uses my daughter, and she blocked it by putting wrong pin several times, is there a possibility to unblock it?

Hi. You need to contact in app support -

Hi there. It seems you are entering the incorrect pin. Please note that the app passcode is different from your card pin.

To retrieve your pin, go on the Revolut app --> “My Card” (Android) or “Card” (iPhone) --> “Show My Pin”

I’ve unblocked your PIN. You should be able to use the card now.

Hi I’m problems, can you please help Revolut?


What’s your problem exactly? Can you be more specific? Is your card blocked because of putting in a wrong PIN 3 times? Have you contacted in app support?

The account is blocked on the app and I haven’t received a response from the help team in nearly 4 hours. I’m in a foreign country and really need to have access to my card and funds. Any help would be much appreciated :-).


You can try to contact them on Twitter / Facebook. That might speed things up.

The screen says ‘this account is blocked for security reasons’.

Hi Frank, thanks for that, I’ll give it a go!


I can see that your account is fully active.