How to unblock card?

I’m in Bangkok and I have put my pin in wrong too many times, I now know my pin but I don’t know how to unblock it. It says on the app to do it at the ATM but it’s not an option when I’ve checked, any help?
Thanks Megan.

Please contact us on support chat! We can unblock the PIN for you so the card will be functional.

I have the same issue and noone contacts me from the support for 4 days now. I need my money and can’t withdraw!

I have written you a private message to sort this out!

After 4 days of blocked account/ money and several proof documents, I managed to unblock it. It was an unpleasant experience, on my first days of using Revolut card.

I have messaged the support but it is automated so they keep repeating the same thing, I’ve tried disabling and enabling but I still can’t get it to work.

Sorry to hear that, I have also written you a private message to get more details about your account and help!

Hi, I’m having a similar issue with my card. I am now trying to unblock it but have tried multiple times to contact an agent on the app support chat but am having no luck. Any help would be amazing!

I cannot unblock a card. I cannot get through to live chat. It said a 6 hour delay but 12 hours later, still nothing. This is really a horrible experience

Hello, I’m having a similar issue. I cannot unblock my revolut account. I tried to pay a fee online multiple times because I hadn’t noticed my balance was 2 eur short and it blocked.

Can you help me resolve the issue?

Hi, I’m trying to contact the app support to unblock my card after three wrong pins but they keep responding the same answer that does not resolve my problem.

Can you fix please that issue ?


I have been trying to unlock my account as well for over an hour. The customer hotline is useless and no one is answering in the app. I am abroad on holiday and need the account unlocked. Can anyone help?

I have same problem, my account is blocked first day of use, i have all my money here, Iam hungry and Nobody speak whit me on stupid chat!
Need my money now!

Hello, my problem is similar. My account was opened few weeks ago, money to my account was send twice from another revoliut account and now it’s blocked with freezed money. What should I do to unblock my account faster?

Hi - I have the same problem but its my work card and I need to book flights!

Hi Larisa,
My revolut Card has been blocked.

I don’t know why I cannot download the app.

Do you know a way to unblock it?

Hi Larisa,
My revolut Card has been blocked.

Can you help me to unblock it?

Hi Larysa,

My number is 07426781785. Sorry to bother you again. My Revolut card has been

blocked. How can I sort it out?



I think my RevolutCard is blocked (after many pin error code), can you unlocked my Revolutcard ? I haven’t answers by the chat app…

Please help me.


hi can you tel my how to ublock pin card?