How to transfer from gdax to revolut?


Am new to Revolut so sorry if this is a silly question.
I have EUR in a GDAX account and have no idea how to transfer this to Revolut to then exchange to GBP.
Can anyone help with this?
Many thanks,


Have you searched this forum? There are many posts that discuss how to transfer from crypto exchanges. Try “coinbase” for example. :wink:


Hi Frank,
I have a coinbase account but its a nuisance to transfer EUR as you need to verify everything. Ive been told the best way is via Revolut?


You can do that, sure.


do you know how? i am stuck


You can search for this in this forum. It should be basically the same for all exchanges. There are plenty of posts about this here ;-). I don’t have a link at hand, but you should be able to find it very quickly.