How to transfer CAD to TD Canada Trust Bank?


I want to transfer some funds from Revolut account to an account in Canada at the TD Canada Trust bank. Does anyone know how, and what charges I might run into?

Meanwhile, I’ll scour the TD help pages.


The TD Bank’s help page says I should include:

  • Recipient’s Name
  • Recipient’s Full address
  • Recipient’s Account number
  • Branch transit number and full branch address
  • TD’s Institution number: 004
  • Swift Code (international) TDOMCATTTOR

I don’t see a way to enter the following items:

  • Branch transit number and full branch address
  • TD’s Institution number: 004

Can I just omit these?


The question is: does Revolut have a gateway account in Canada, in which case you won’t be paying any receiving fee, or is the money spend through Swift, in which case you will pay an insane amount of fees?

I don’t have the answer, but a sure thing is that Transferwise has a gateway account in Canada. I had to send money to Desjardins Bank in Quebec once, and we had to pay no receiving fee with Transferwise.


Thanks, @Nonown.

Well, I priced up Transferwise and it wouldn’t beat Revolut. TD will charge 17.50 CAD to receive a SWIFT txn.


I got help from a Live Agent. You can specify the receiving account including the five digit transit number with the account number, e.g. 123451234567. All done. I’m happy.


I believe there might be other intermediaries charging you on the way. I’d be interested to know, can you post the result in a few days?


Sure. I’ll reply when I know


Hi! Are there any news?


I can see you can enter the transit number + account number in the “account number field”, but what do you put in the “Routing number” field?



I slammed my head on the wall until something came out. I thought it’d be nice to share the result.

In the “account number” field, I did not use the “dboy technique” (see above). I simply used the 7-digit account number. Revolut accepted that, but I don’t know for now if it works :slight_smile:

In the “routing number” field, I entered 9 digits in the format 0YYYXXXXX where 0 is the leading zero, YYY the institution number and XXXXX the transit number. See Same as above : Revolut accepted it, but I don’t know yet if it works.

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It did work :slight_smile:
It took 3 days.
Hope it helps :wink:


If useful, I’ve transfered money from my EUR Revolut account to my CAD Desjardins account succesfully, with no fee at all, SWIFT or other, even from the receiving bank ( ie Desjardins).
Enjoy !!


Next step would be to be able to transfer money from my Desjardins account to my Revolut account.
On Desjardins side, it seems that I only have to ask, to activate my international transfert option.
But from Revolut, it seems more uncertain… I was surprised lately to find the option to open an account in CAD in the App !! It appears I have succesfully exchanged some of my EUR into CAD, but all inside the app. And when I go and look for the IBAN of my CAD account, it is in the “old” way, with still a Reference (unlike my EUR account), but without any warning. My GBP and USD account IBAN come with a warning on international transfert fees from the source bank, and my EUR account IBAN even come with a warning that only SEPA transferts are accepted, SWIFT transferts are rejected !!!
I do not know what to think…


Found this list of routing numbers for canadian banks which might help others with this query.



Just curious to know how much, if any, TD Bank charged your account for recieving international money transfer from Revolut.


Good news. There was zero fee applied by TD or by Revolut (of course). I checked.