How to top up!


I want to top up from my bank account or from a debit card. I put some money on when I first used the app but now want to add more. The FAQs say ‘tap on top up botton’ but where is the top up button?? All I can see whe I open the app is ‘accounts’, analytics, cards and ‘more’ None of these seem to offer ‘top up’ as an option. When I tap on the two arrows, it is either send or request money (no transfer) split bill or 'to bank account. None of these options helps. What on earth can I do?


Look at the top of the screen not at the bottom. There are 2 icons say Top Up and Exchange.


You want to top up ? Good luck !!! read :


Well done, a great success story from Joseph!


Thanks. Found it shortly after posting - just hadn’t rolled up the screen instead of down!