How to top up my card without my phone


I have lost my phone whilst abroad and I need to top up my revolut card (or get someone back in the UK so to do).

How do I do this?


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  1. By bank transfer. 2. Through a friend who also uses Revolut.

​But how do I find out the Iban and BIC numbers so that I might designate
the destination of the funds in the bank transfer you suggest?​

Hi @dcandersson,

I can provide you your current account details :slight_smile:

How do I get these details from you?



Hi, how do I get my account details for bank transfer? cheers

From the account overview.

if you don’t have the phone/app you can send a direct message to @AndreasK and he will surely help you

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Hi @AndreasK I have a similar problem. Lost my phone and all my other cards while abroad, only the Revolut left. How can I top it up without the phone from the online banking website of my UK bank? What are the details I need?
Thank you very much!

Vlad, are you able to send me a direct message?

Dear AndreasK,

I have lost my phone and have no details to topup my card (card is all I have) is there a way I can topup?