How to top up an other account using the main one?

Hi there,
I’m a newbie with this. Actually I have 2 accounts :

  1. CHF (Swiss Francs)
  2. ¥ (Yen)

I have topped up some money on my main account in CHF Francs and I’m wondering how
I can use a certain amount to top up my 2nd account in ¥ ?
Or when doing an online purchase will it automatically take it from my main account for automatic exchange?

If not, how do you guys usually top up in Switzerland for your different account in foreing currencies?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hey there @xXx :slight_smile:

Use the exchange button, right next to the top-up one or…

Of course! That’s the main benefit of :r: :smile:
Please, read the FAQs, all of them, but most specially this one: