How to to-up?

So, EUR IBAN sucks, can’t do it.

Don’t have a card with CVC.

How in the hell can I put money on Revolut and ask for a card?

Hello there.

Could you please reach out our support team so we can help?

Some banks find it a bit confusing that we have a Lithuanian IBAN with a UK BIC!

We’re working on launching UK IBANs asap so we can resolve these issues.


i´am reaching out with you where.

can you do anything to solve the problem, or can I do something different?

So how did you top up before? SEPA transfer to Revoluts collective account? If you’re topping up Euros, sending money to the same old account as before worked for me.
Should be this one GB98 LOYD 3080 1286 5682 90
To find out the reference, you can open the app and click on top up via bank transfer in USD and then it still shows your old reference number.

this is the first time I do this.

in my case I open the app, and top-up via bank transfer in EUR, and what it shows is my name has beneficiary, the lithuania iban and the uk bic.

only this 3 things.

but in my online bank, they said that iban wont correspond with the bic.


Ok let me guide you through it, I can show you some screenshots if that helps:
First, go to to Top up -> Bank Transfer. Then you’ll see this:

Then click on USD. You will see something like this:

You only do this to get your reference number which isn’t shown any more if you click on top up in EUR.

Write down this reference number, it is the same for all currencies.

Then go to your online banking and set up a SEPA transfer with the folowing details.
Bank account: GB98 LOYD 3080 1286 5682 90
Beneficiary: REVOLUT LTD
Reference: “Your reference number that you wrote down earlier from the USD screen”

Don’t use the USD account number but the one that I wrote down here.

This is how it looked like for me:

And two days later the money arrived in my account:

It’s really annoying that Revolut doesn’t advertise this old method openly for there are many people having problems with the new IBAN.