How to stop stockmarket notifications

So with the latest update Revolut started to send notifications if a stock on my watchlist goes up or down by 5%. As I have plenty of stocks on my watchlist my phone just keeps buzzing if we have an eventful day on the market. Actually I never asked for this so I’m wondering if this could be shut.

(not sure about the category, but for me this is like a bug)


Have you tried looking in notification settings?

Nice response… except that it did not answer the question.

It’s in Settings/Privacy. Agreed an odd place to put it.


I really have no idea why R has marked this comment offesnive :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be great to have access to my funds as my account has been locked with no contact from anyone. Revolut need to sort their users out with real customer service instead of this live chat robot repetitiveness. Appreciated if they can at least disable the stock notifications!

My apologies, settings for this can be found (in the new UI) here (tap the top right cog) and then privacy under security

Type “/live agent” to the chat and an actual operator will contact you (fairly quickly according to my experiences).

I am being ignored hard! That’s how it usually supports to go but you see in practice it does’t go that way.

uhm… first of all why do you go back to the same - non responding - agent? He could be out sick, or whatever I dont know, but it seems obvious to ask for an update from someone else.

Second - while R should be obliged to answer - its quite an unique way to start a communication with “I want to give me update” or threatening them to contact the ombudsman. Once you play this card you really should contact the ombudsman otherwise you just make a fool of yourself.

As always in such situations write them on Twitter or Facebook and they should be able to help you. And this isn’t the right topic to ask for help

That is not the way the conversation started but rather a response to the message that I received from him: He told me before that he is looking into the case. Then I said thank you and after I haven’t recieven any other update and a day had passed since he messaged me I ask him for an update. That is normal I believe also he could’t be sick because if he had been sick he would at least close the chat session so that I may contact another support representative but I believe that he does this on purpose by not closing the session chat I am unable to contact another support agent!

So now you see by not knowing the whole conversation you make assumption.

Thank you for the tip. Already tried that. Same response. They can’t help me and a representative will soon contact me!

I need help if that is possible I don’t mean to be random but my account was perfectly fine and then in the evening I got this I have been waiting for a agent since yesterday. Is this normal. My account is suspended as well.


Pice of advice make official complaint after getting final response go straight to ombudsman spare yourself te trouble of contacting Revolut support.

I can’t create my own topic so i add my story here.
Despite i’ve sold all stock shares of some companies, i still get notifications about their price, like i still have them.