How to start a new topic

I’m not sure why there is an article titled “Understanding Discourse Trust Levels.” I am trying to use Revolut. Are Discourse and Rev linked somehow?

If you are asking questions in this user forum, the rules concerning Discourse apply to you. If you are using :r: then this user forum might hold some answers for any questions you might have.
That simply is the association between the two.
You are not bound to use this user forum. There are other methods of contacting :r: support :wink:

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Thanks for your reply, Grahme. I’m trying to find a way to contact Revolut support.

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Don’t worry about posting in old threads. It’s fine. They get bumped up.


It’s how I found out so quite useful :slight_smile:

thanks - i was wondering how :slight_smile:

Me too. That is unusual and strange…why I cannot find how to start a new post?

Hi @Uomosenzatempo and welcome.
There are a number of posts in the topic which explain how to start a new topic not least of which is in the post here.
Not only that, but in the topic header to the left of your Profile Picture (a large U in your case as you haven’t provided one) is the search icon image which, if selected and the words “start a new topic” are inserted and you select “in all topics and posts” , you will get a number of hits from which to choose.
I hope you will find that helpful.

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did you find an existing topic in which to post or did you really need to start a new topic?

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Thanks for clarifying, the portal was a bit weird and difficult even finding FAQ :smiley:

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While I understand the importance of the community guidelines that prevent new users posting new topic threads, it is not very helpful when you have exhausted all avenues to contact Revolut because the live chat isn´t working and you have an urgent issue that hasn´t got days / weeks to find a resolution. Revolut are ´safe-guarding´ our money after all…

Thanks everyone´s helpful comments here. I have re-installed the app, sent a support email, written a complain, joined this community and spent a lot of time reading posts here / trying to figure out. my issue…

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I am here via a direct Google search, because trying to navigate round the Revolut site seems to require a PhD in lateral thinking and clairvoyance.
I have a specific problem with Revolut, and the help pages are all consistent and wrong in their advice.
So I come to the community, because a different help request some time ago got the answer ‘use the community’. I’m a reasonably competent user of the Interweb in general, but I can’t find out how to post a question.
Next I find that I can’t post anything until I’ve proved myself trustworthy by hanging round for ages and not doing anything naughty - though I don’t know how I can do anything naughty when it seems I can’t do anything.
So now I’ve got to grobble around to find this Search icon - ‘[image]’ is not very helpful in this posting.
It’s an awful experience for a new user, and I’ve still got the problem and the question I can’t ask, and I suspect that the simplest way to solve it is to run down my credit and close the account completely.
I realise that this little outburst will probably resulting me being marked as a trouble-maker and banned from the community, but see the last paragraph.

No one is going to mark you as a trouble maker. But here’s how to get help quickly: search for your topic, identify a thread with a fitting or an adjacent topic, and post your question there. Don’t worry if the thread is old. It get’s bumped up for everyone to see.

(PS: Hanging round for ages doesn’t improve your trust level. Engaging with the community does.)


and as @Frank points out, there are now many more users (Revolut Star badge) who have the tools at their disposal to move a misplaced post to either a new topic or an existing one (if appropriate) so please don’t be worried about misposting a question.
I do this quite frequently without any need for embarrassing the poster - since @Mariana_Rodrigues has become the community manager, the incidence of marking posts as off-topic has now all but diminished.


Hi @LonnieRisckle and welcome to the Community :wave:

We are all happy to have you here, and we will never mark anyone as a trouble-maker, just as @Frank said. This is a Community and, therefore, it is made by all of you :slight_smile:

Just as @Graham_Lees puts it (and Frank) you can always post your query in a related Topic, and if we see fit we can just move it into a New Topic, and you will be able to get help there without any trouble.

Everyone in the Community will be more than happy to help out!

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Actually find this restriction quite a put off, as it’s not so engaging for the community not to mention the forum is literally named Revolut “community”

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Well, yes, I agree, it is off-putting.

Here’s a question: if you would be the person responsible for running the community at Revolut, how would you solve the problem that users tend to ask the same question a hundred times and more? That, in return, is off-putting for long term community members. After a certain point, duplicate questions are just being ignored. Which also isn’t very welcoming.

So, besides the obvious solution that Revolut support agents (instead of customer community members) spend time answering the questions, is there a way you can think of that nudges new users towards searching this forum first?


That sounds more like technical issues than a management issue. Considering the forum is viewable to the public, a new user most likely signs up because she has failed to find a discussion or an answer.
Automatic detection for duplication and synonymous matching are both common features implemented on discourses and forums.
If a question is indeed asked for a hundred time, then perhaps Revolut should reconsider its policy or awareness of that specific topic. Or it could simply be that there’s constantly been a rapid change of some sort which makes the previous solutions outdated repeatedly.

It’s totally understandable that they have this setting in place. However, this does not prevent a more senior user to bombard the forum with duplicated issues, but certainly slows down the reaction time greatly when actual new discussions need to be brought up.

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The restriction is mainly to open new threads. New users can very quickly post in older threads. In my experience, identifying a topic that is close to one’s questions or problem and posting there is usually sufficient. Old threads are bumped up, and community members that follow a specific thread are notified.

What this does not solve is a problem with chronology. What’s very common is that users start reading a thread, don’t go all the way to the latest (or generally newer) posts, and post a question. With very common questions, the answer is then often directly in front of their post. It’s like in a Monty Python clip.

That’s a good topic for UX research.