How to split the cash category into others



I would like to classify my expenses in cash into different categories. Anyone know if it is possible to split the cash expenses? I am not able to find out how.



Hi @livia,

Thank you for contacting us.

Sure you can do that.

  1. Go Analytics
  2. Choose Month
  3. Select the Category that the particular transaction is listed.
  4. Click & open on the transaction that you want to recategorise.
  5. Once you’ve opened the transaction you can see on the top of your screen the category that the transaction is currently listed. Click on it to change it!


Andreas K.

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Yes, but I need to split the expense. For example, I withdraw 100$, of this 100$, I used 30$ on food, 30$ on entertainment and 40$ on travel. Is it possible to do?




No, that’s not possible yet.