How to setup a wire transfer from Etrade

I want to transfer funds from my etrade account to revolut. The fields on the online form for setting up a wire transfer don’t match the ones on my Revolut USD account screen. There doesn’t appear to be anywhere to enter my Revolut reference number to ensure the funds go into my account.

Can anyone advise on what I should put on the form?

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you are not the beneficiary when paying into the polled account. Use Revolut LTD as name, and Revolut’s address.

you can see the details tapping on the USD balance on the app. It is essential you then add your unique reference number when making the transfer.

on the gray area of your screenshot they say you have to call them to add the reference number

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You mention USD but the screenshot would indicate GBP. Which currency are we talking about in the first place?

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Thanks for the tips on how to fill out the form alessandro.
I’m talking about a USD transfer.

Hello @CID,

I want to make the same set-up in Etrade. Did the payment work?

I am setting up a wire from Etrade to my Revolut USD account . Could somebody confirm I filled correct all fields of the form?
After Revolut became a bank the name on account is Revolut LTD or my name?
Thank you

when the BIC is REVOGB21, write your name as beneficiary/account holder.
when the BIC is LOYDGB, revolut ltd is the beneficiary/account holder and you must also specify your unique reference number.

Anyone been able to send USD to Charlrs Schwab brokersge account in New York? If so how please?

Hi guys.

Did anyone have luck setting up Revolut account details for international wire transfer from ETrade? I am using my BIC REVOGB21 and my IBAN (which is Lithuanian - LT28…), but for some reason ETrade rejects the IBAN saying that it is invalid.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

GB BIC and LT IBAN??? you should have a GB IBAN.

Revolut did secure their banking licence from the ECB though, so perhaps this is the correct IBAN but an incorrect BIC code? @anon33247966 could you look into this?

Itd be nice if we could get a country IBAN of choice though tbh, I’d prefer a Finnish, Estonian or German one to LT

It may be of help if you double check your IBAN that was input in the form. Alternatively, you can verify your IBAN via this link

Having both GB BIC and IBAN or vice versa would make my life 100x easier since I would be able to receive these USD from my brokerage company. It looks like that since the BIC is GB, ETrade system automaticaly asks for 22 characters IBAN and since LT one has only 20 characters, IBAN verification fails.

I heard that some people got their LT IBANs changed to GB. Do you think it would be possible for my case?

yes, just ask support and they’ll sort the conflict for you.

Hello guys,
I have an EUR Rev account but my swift infos are GB. I want to wire EUR from my Etrade but when I put in the swift info it asks me for a sortcode which I don’t have in my EUR Rev account. If I leave the sort code blank would the wire transfer still go through?
@alejandro.mery you mentioned I have to call them to add a reference number but im not sure what reference number you mean? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

if they ask for a sort code they want to do a GBP local transfer, meaning they will convert the EUR at their arbitrary rate.
the country of the SEPA IBAN is not relevant and it’s illegal to discriminate. use the “local” iban on your EUR account transfer EUR, even if the IBAN is from GB. no sort-code or BIC involved.
these days you don’t use reference number either as your SEPA IBAN has your name on it, not revolut’s.

Hi, I’m also looking to transfer from E-Trade (US$) to Revolut US$ account but cannot find any sort code details (I have SWIFT and IBAN), that e-Trade say are necessary for transfer to the UK. All help appreciated. Thanks

When attempting to set the new Domestic Revolut USD account details as my wire recipient in E*Trade, I get the following error:

Financial institution is not found for the provided routing number or it is not eligible for wire transfer. Please enter correct routing number.

Receiving bank routing number: 026014928

Has anyone else had this issue and knows a solution?

Thanks in advance from a first time poster! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, Below is the current international wire transfer form for etrade. I have the information in this page, which says the SWIFT code is ‘CHASGB2L’ and the routing number is ‘021000021’.

Where should this information go in the form? The SWIFT code seems obvious, not sure if the routing number is needed.

And, where should I put my own IBAN? It does not seem correct to put it in the receiving bank field and anyway a transfer attempt failed when I did that!

The person I talked to in etrade support said I needed Revolut’s account number with JPMorgan and that is what should go in the receiving bank account number field.

Hoping someone has successfully used this, because I have failed so far :frowning:

@cmg1 Hello and Welcome to our community. :blush:

Thank you for your inquiry.However I am unable to share this internal information directly on this platform. :frowning_face:

I kindly request that you reach out to our customer support team through the chat feature available in the app on this link. Hope this helps. :sunflower:

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