How to set base currency?


Might that not result in a double conversion?


afaik terminals don’t do trial and error. if you are in Thailand Ghana but are from Germany and a physical transaction happens in THB GHS it’s good (accept), if it’s in EUR it’s not (decline).

update: use Ghana as example as a tribute to Kofi Annan (R.I.P.)


hi team,

Since I wasn’t sure how to create a new topic, I hope its allowed to add on to this conversation since my question is about (base) currency.

I have used for multiple purchases (mainly inside UK) and i just always assumed it did the best in exchange rates.
I noticed the currency conversions and actually am intrigued to make some currency bets, I just want to know what is possible and if that is intended as well?

What I mean is;

  1. with revolut you can change currency with the currency converter. So this means I can make currency hedges? Is that generally allowed within Revolut?
  2. Or are those currency conversions just because when travelling to another country needs you to first put it in that specific currency? So what I mean is travelling to Costa Rica means I first need to convert this? Or will I just pay from GBP and it will use the best conversion rate?

Since I am travelling next year, i would like to transfer a bit of money to it, but with the uncertainty of the pound it might make sense to spread this across currencies.

I am very interested to hear what Revolut has to say on this and please let me know if you have any more knowledge, Hope my question makes sense.

thank you,


Does anyone know if it’s possible to change sterling into dollars and lock in the exchange rate, then in a few months time use your dollar Account to extract cash from ATMs in a third country that doesn’t use either dollars or sterling. I’m thinking of trying to lock in a dollar exchange rate. Then take cash out in Sri Lanka!


if you don’t have GBP (base), but have plenty USD and spend in rupee, the USD will* be exchanged to rupee to pay the transaction.

*to my understanding.


Isn’t it possible to just put all the US$ into a vault to prevent debits to the $ funds?

Vice versa for all other currencies and take the US$ out of the vault if you want to use $ explicitly.

Edit: weird behaviour with dollar sign disappearing


Yes, this is possible.



I thought @tom_medcalf wanted to use the USD instead of his base currency (GBP) when traveling. betting on GBP becoming weaker and weaker.


That is what I understood as well.
The vault method is just a trick to achieve that.
As I do not know what they want to do meanwhile I suggested storing the US$ in a vault until needed


I’m also in need of that feature. I’m living in Switzerland, and get paid in Euro. As someone who lives in Switzerland I have to rely on foreign services as not everything is available in a Small country like ours. So I’m having Euros and CHF. Whenever I buy something localy I pay with CHF. I also have some subscriptions in various currencys. I try to keep most of my money in Euro as right now the exchange rate is quite bad, and only keep enough in CHF for like a weekend. But then again whenever I get charged in a different currency (even some that there is no balance option yet) I get charged in CHF (that I already exchanged from EUR to CHF) so my “CHF Buffer” gets smaller, and then in the end I maybe go out to eat in a resteraunt and because of things that shouldn’t have affected my CHF Balance did I no longer have enough and I’ll end up spending ~100 CHF in Euro with an 1.75% fee thats an additional 1.75% fees on top of the bad rate that I had to take already to get it to chf in the first place). Sure that might not sound like a big deal, but it sums up quite fast. So please let us enable a currency as Base currency and don’t select it based on where we live.



Where do these fees come from?

As I wrote earlier, as a workaround, you can use the vaults to “hide” the CHF funds when you don’t need them and take them out when you do.


Sorry I meant 1.5%, the weekend markup fee. Sure its a workaround to “hide” the chf funds each time, but then whenever a payment in CHF is due thats automated I’ll have to “bite” the bullet.
Sure thats a partial working solution (same as the support suggested me) but if you want to use your Revolut Account as “full bank account” then you’ll hit a “corner” here and there. An other solution would be to just don’t use my revolut card as “CHF” Card for Services. So I would have to send money again to a pure CHF Account. But again that might be the “cheaper” option, but that misses the point.


Weekend markup for CHF<->EUR is only 0.5%

From the terms:
1.0% All other currencies except THB, RUB and UAH.
2.0% THB, RUB and UAH

But I do agree, if your primary income currency is another than the country of residency it can be quite a pain.


hi guys,
i see a lot of topics with cash in base currency and exchange fees. I placed a comment 6 days ago on using the change currency converter and was hoping to hear your view on if this could work with regards to betting on exchange fees or if there are limitations to that?

Probably still don’t quite understand the topic of base currency, but this basically is the same question right? as goes to which exchange rate, and therefore currency (strenght) you are using?

eager to hear your view :slight_smile:


this topic really upsets to me to be honest specially because :r:evolut refuses to act on it and doesn’t even attempt to give a sensible answer

  • Not all currencies can be pre-exchanged to get around the weekend markup
  • Arguably most card transactions do happen during the weekends
  • The weekend risk can easily be sorted by just reserving the money with markup, but waiting until Monday to do the final exchange. Like every other financial institution actually does.
  • Allowing users to change their fallback currency to what is most convenient to them at a given time instead of based on the country of legal residency can also be solved easily.
  • I’m not a drama queen, but Revolut hasn’t fixed a single functional problem reported on this forum, ever. except those cases where they actually break the app obviously.


yeah It sucks
today withdrawn money from ATM, with not enough EUR (home currency) only to find out that CZK (already changed from EUR) were used to cover it. I thought account with highest balance (USD) is used, when primary currency is not available???


You can deactivate the currencies you wont want to get used by this auto exchange.


Local currency
Then home currency
Then the one with highest amount

I don’t like it either
I want to set my own rang, order