How to set base currency?


You can’t deactivate the base currency however which is the one revolt will default to for payments


Remember the geofencing notification one gets when arriving abroad? The app could ask one of one wants to lock in the local currency for the period of the trip. I think this should a somehow hidden expert mode because it complicates how Revolut was designed to work.

The currency could also be decoupled from the wallets. The system would simply not authorize any payment not in the currency preselected by the user, independently from the wallet a payment would be withdrawn from.


Still no official response from Revolut?


It’s great to read that I’m not the only one with this problem of being stuck with an inappropriate base currency (EUR in my case, I would like it to be GBP).

It is super annoying!

I almost exclusively top up in GBP to Revolut and so tend to have a substantial GBP balance but if I want to use the card to spend EUR, it’s best to convert some GBP to EUR at a good time/rate (during the week), so I can spend EUR without incurring fees/markups on the weekend. So I keep a small EUR balance for immediate spending (and never too much, because it hurts to convert GBP to EUR at these rates!)
However if I now spend in say TRY (or any other currency) it will come out of this EUR balance, which is not what I want (I just converted this from GBP!).
So I end up exchanging twice which has the following disadvantages:

  • losing money on 2 exchanges, as you never get a perfect mid-market rate
  • burning through the monthly limit on free FX twice as fast (if not on the Premium offer)

To avoid this problem I could keep the EUR balance at 0, but then I wouldn’t use Revolut to spend EUR on the weekend due to the markup, and as I can’t be bothered to constantly think about what day of the week it is, I probably just end up not using Revolut to spend in EUR at all (which is also OK for me, I have other EUR cards). But it’s not ideal.

At least I’ve now learned that you can Deactivate a currency, which is useful when I have high CHF or USD balances (in preparation for a payment in those currencies), to avoid those currencies being taken from, which is a problem I have suffered too.

Really it would be great to be able to set up a preference list in the App, surely this can’t bee too hard?
Eg, if the balance in the currency being spent is not sufficient, try to the following currency preference list in order: GBP USD CHF
Or just: GBP (+ then default algorithm of highest balance)
Or just be able to change the base currency!


I think the base currency is tied to your country of residence?

I’ve just moved from UK to eurozone, and when changing my country in Revolut (through support) my base currency was changed from GBP to EUR.

Fully understand what you are saying though, it would be useful to change your base currency unless there is some technical or regulatory reason that’s not possible :thinking:


@dd17, yes that’s exactly it, the base currency is linked to your country of residence and Revolut don’t let you change it.
Of course you could pretend to change countries just to change the base currency (I have plenty of UK documentation that would allow me to get away with that), but that’s not my style.
It would be good for Revolut to provide some flexibility on this!


Hi Andreas.
Thank you for the info. Just joined Revolut and have a similar question. I am currently in Jamaica for a period of time, my residence is in the UK, base currency is in GBP.
Thing is, I get money paid in USD while here in JA, which I plan to deposit in my USD account.
I want to ensure that my spending comes from my USD account and not GBP account, as, even without any fees, there is still an unnecessary cost in converting the amounts to GBP from my USD account and then again converting from GBP to Jamaican Dollars (JDM).
So… long story short, I wish to use my USD account when spending here in Jamaica.
One way of doing this is to keep my GBP account at absolute minimum (£1?), so that it always reverts to my USD account. Is that acceptable? Will I incur any fees or penalties when the system first tries my GBP account and discovers that there are insufficient funds?

Revolut in Jamaica

That’s fine! Your GBP account could be as low as you want. Even 0 GBP.

Check the FAQs to learn from which wallet payments are deducted. :wink:


Got a question on cryptos.
Lets say you have

  • 100 €
  • 1 ฿
  • 3 Ł

You buy something from UK for 10 £. Which account will be billed first?
My base account is €.


it should be EUR because:

  • you have no GBP
  • your EUR wallet contains enough founds



I am in the same situation.
I am a French resident but I work in Switzerland and get my income in CHF.
I therefore want to have CHF as a base currency. But revolut don’t even try to understand this.
I have contacted the support and they always provide meaningless answers…

It’s crazy that they can’t understand this!!!


The base currency is always related to ones residency and phone number used to set up an account with. Revolut does not offer “local” CHF accounts right now. It is not clear to me what you would gain with CHF as your base currency.


Hi there. This is not in my case. My base currency is in € but as I am in India, I previoulsly exchanged euros into rupees. But after withdrawing I realise my rupees were all there and my euros were gone.
It would be great if it was automatic as you stated or even better uf you could choose.


You probably fell for DCC. When a balance has sufficient funds, the app will deduct from the “local” currency first.


What is DCC Frank?
And so it is not true what stated on your faqs answers: "the card selects which balance to use in the following order:

*The local currency of the merchant/ATM e.g. if you are in Spain, it will deduct funds from your Euro balance.

*Your base currency - i.e. if you used a UK address to sign-up, your base currency will be GBP."

They are on inverted order?


Dynamic currency conversion. You can google it or search this forum. :wink:

(PS: I am a customer like you. The FAQs are not “my” FAQs.)



Maybe. I misregarded you were from the suport team. Thanks anyway.


You are right. Something has “happened” recently and what the FAQ says isn’t actually being respected. I have a UK based account. I go to Germany regularly, I have been to the same shop regularly paying via Revolut in EUR and my Revolut balance in EUR being debited. Then the other day I was informed “not sufficient funds” in the same shop. The Revolut app showed that I had been declined because of insufficient GBP balance but yet I had sufficient in my EUR balance! Subsequently shopping elsewhere it is all the same, none of my EUR balance is being used and it’s always taking a conversion from GBP. I can’t tell if this is a DCC issue or not (I’m using contactless often and terminals in Germany not asking me to select GBP vs EUR nor showing the amount with conversion to GBP) but it seems this is suddenly more widespread.

EDIT Those who say to have 0 in GBP balance to force it to use EUR account are wrong - you just get declined with insufficient funds because it expects to use the GBP account for some reason. I want to use EUR when paying in EUR, not to do a spot FX every time for all the reasons others have pointed out (ability to buy EUR when favourable and spend later).. ALL ok, tried same scenario today and all working as advertised - low GBP balance, enough EUR balance, card payment in EUR was deducted from EUR account as it should /EDIT


I would like to be allowed 4-6 base currencies from which I would keep a relatively high balance each with its own virtual or physical card but clearly marked - when traveling to a country I would like to stipulate the default currency pair , 2nd , 3rd choice etc


Hi today I just received my revolut card based in UK. When I applied for the card I added £50 to the GBP account - Revolut took £5. I then exchanged £45.00 to Euros .
SO My GBP account had £5.00 and my Euro had 45.50
I had to go and make my 1st purchase at Gregg’s for £3.00 to try the card.
Expecting that will be taken from the GBP £5.00 money, It did not and took 3.45 euros instead.
I wanted to put more money into my GBP account as I will be going to spain tomorrow , but WHAT account will my purchase in spain be taken from .
So if I have £500 in GBP and the 40 euros in the euro account. I buy a coffee for 2 euros - where will this be taken from ? I wold like it to come from the Euro account as I am in spain. I have a weswap card and that work perfect - GBP I pay pound in UK . Euros I pay in the rest of Europe . That is the way its should be , as I can plan , buy and keep currency when its in my favour . Amy ideas.