How to send SEPA payment


How do I send a SEPA payment to an account that requires a “message” to be send along with the payment?
I want to transfer EUR to Bitstamp and this is what it says on Bitstamp’s site:
IMPORTANT: you MUST include the above message number in the bank deposit message in order to credit YOUR Bitstamp account

However, in Revolut when I added a new beneficiary there was no field to enter any message. And if I select this beneficiary to send there’s only a field to enter the amount and a Send button. Nothing else.

Thank you.

There is a gray text on the send screen


Wow, I’m blind. Thank you!

So, did you successfully did this?
How about withdrawing EUR to Revolut from Bitstamp?

Thanks again!

You just fill out this form with information about what you want to transfer etc. remember to enter your real address and not the address for Revolut. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy