How to send € from :r: to another GBP account

My wife and I both have :r: accounts where the base currency is GBP in both.
It seems impossible within the app to send € from one account to the other - the app only allows the user to set the receiving account in GBP because using the Add Bank Account routine, my Wife’s :r: IBAN is only identified as being UK and that will only allow GBP as the currency to send. Entering the receiving account as FR causes the app to respond with a message saying the IBAN is for the wrong country.
Would this also be the case is using the Split Bill facility if paying/receiving in funds in €?

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You pay directly (P2P, peer to peer), not using account numbers at all.

There are several ways to achieve this, here’s one in case you both aren’t sharing your phone book with the app:

Payments, :heavy_plus_sign:, :heavy_plus_sign:, Add contact

Use the contact information associated with the Revolut account of the payee.

Thanks @Frank
I noticed afterwards that my wife had been added as a Revolut Friend and that would allow me to transfer € to her simply :wink:
Anxious to make sure I fund her lifestyle, she found this reference :smiley:

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