How to send dollars from paypal to revolut ?

Hello all
Here is my request :slight_smile:

I am french
I have USD on PAYPAL
I would like to have these USD on REVOLUT in USD

How to proceed ? I cant find any clear solution anywhere (sending from paypal to a credit card doesnt exist, my USD account in REVOLUT doesnt have an IBAN… only the main EUR has)

Thanks all for your answers



Tell me if you find the answer! Thanks!

try with Visa Revulut card
to transfer USD on Revolut Visa card
Primarily contacting with Paypal support
and to make them replace Change default currency to USD (Revlut Visa)

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Hi, @guntarsm, I’m also interested. Did you ever try in this way or maybe it is just a proposal?

Did it work for you, @raphyki?


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Hi @neo,

Did you hear back from Raph or tried yourself? I’m in the same situation and wonder how to proceed to transfer USD from Paypal to my Revolut in the same currency…

Have you contacted Paypal?

Not yet as I added my revolut card today only and I need to confirm it prior to contacting Paypal to change its default currency.

Let us know how this goes. I’m also interested in finding a solution to this. Thanks!

Anyone found the solution for this problem?

Revolut conversion fees are a lot better than PP, so I would prefer to send the USD to Revolut first and convert/exchange on Revolut.


Hello, how can I send PayPall USD to Revolut? Can someone please explain?

So I found this statement on paypal’s website.

“We only support transfers in local currency . So, if you have a PayPal account in England (GBP), but want to transfer money to your bank account in Germany (EUR), you may be subject to cross border conversion fees”

So doesn’t look like you can, I found a button that said make USD my primary currency but always come up with an error code, maybe because of my location, it knew I was not in America.

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