How to Send a SEPA from Revolut To GDAX


Can anyone help please…

In Revolut > I select ‘Send Money’. Now, how to specify the GDAX account ?

Thank You


I can’t say for Gdax but I use kraken and this is what I did:

Go to Payments > Bank Transfer > Add Beneficiary and choose send to business

Then select EUR as currency and provide Gdax IBAN and BIC. I’m assuming your doing a SEPA payment to a EUR wallet.

Then when you go to send funds there ensure you include Gdax’s SEPA reference. My Kraken bank transfer won’t send without it.

Hope this helps. I sent the minimum 2€ as a test and if got to Kraken in around 24 hours. I’m now waiting to see if it works back to Revolut.



Hi Simon,
this was just the advice and help I was looking for.

I can’t thank you enough !


You’re welcome. If you still have troubles just ask.

Kraken has much lower fees than Gdax by the way. EUR deposits are free and withdrawals €0.09. I then send to Binance usually in ETH for greater pair listings if that’s the crypto game you play.

I’m more in on pre sales and ICOs than day trading so often send to them via MyEtherWallet via kraken. Is the lowest fee I have found if that’s of interest to you


The transfer worked just great!

But, I seem to have a limit to how much can be Topped Up in Revolut. It allows £50 top up/day.
Can I increase this do you know ?

Thank You


Glad you got it working.

My account was verified when I made my first deposit. I have since got it up to £75k but this still isn’t near enough to withdraw my crypto.

If you go to your profile and select verification from the list you can send bank statements, wages etc to get your limit up to £25k I believe.

I’m in the pain staking process of proving all my crypto deposits, investments and trading to get my limit up higher. Not fun. I started in crypto 5 years ago although they have just asked for 3 months worth.

When you send documents it automatically starts a live chat to verify with you. Mine didn’t take too long.

Good luck


That’s £75k a year, not a day. I’ve done pretty well with crypto but not that well!