How to see my top up limit?

Hi. What should I click to see my top up limit and how much of it is used? I used to see this information but now I do not see it. I use Revolut Android app (version 5.10).

They removed the relevant UI elements as of 5.10. You will find plenty of comments regarding that issue here.

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So how does one now know the limit and the current position against it?

One doesnt :wink:


Revolut staff publicly said in forum that limit is removed. So we should trust them, heh?
p.s. My 4.x version still shows limit and amount topped-up so far.

That’s a bit shit, isn’t it? So presumably the game is that you unknowingly over-run the top-up limit, and Revolut then get to hang onto the cash for a couple of weeks while they make you jump through some hoops that they process very slowly.

Publicly yes, but not definitely. Support told me the limits are still in place.

I was told that top up limits have been removed on support a couple of days ago. I was then told today that they haven’t. They blamed it on an ‘inexperienced colleague’

Me too, I believe so far I was told three or four different versions, the latest being that the limits are still in place.

Yep fantastic, isn’t it. Just imagine, you travel somewhere in Nepal or Mongolia, top up your Revolut, account is blocked, funds frozen. How do you verify your source of funds then? Oh bloody hell. One must be stupid to rely on such service for travelling.

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