How to safely and securely delegate payment of designated contractors (counterparties) using Revolut to a bookkeeper

Hi, can anyone help to clarify this question: I would like to be able to delegate payments to contractors in our team using Revolut to a team member responsible for bookkeeping. And would like to find a way to do it securely and efficiently. That is without having to place too much implicit trust in the bookkeeper with ability to make payments.

Is it possible to setup a user (the bookkeeper) with the ability to make payments to counterparties in the system and only from certain accounts within Revolut but not the ability to add counterparties or to access all the funds in the revolut account (perhaps with monthly limits or perhaps with access to only certain accounts)?

In otherwords, ideally I’d like this bookkeeper user to be able to pay invoices to team members already setup (by me) but not be able to change things, add counterparties etc and not be able to access all the accounts, counterparties and cards that I have access to.

I would be grateful for any feedback on whether and how something like this is possible or planned?

Hello @rjk !

Thank you for explanation! What you can do in order to achieve this is to invite delegate to the portal by going to “Settings” > “Users” and from there you can “Invite new user” to the account.
During the process, you will be able to specify role of that person in the system.

Let me know if this is the feature you were looking for.


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