How to request top-up limit increase

I am a new user (1 week) and am still finding my way with Revolut.
I would like to increase my annual top-up limit and have read the Help information, which is clear in its requirements, but does not tell you how to actually run the process. From reading posts it appears that any uploading is done via the phone’s chat app (a strange interpretation of the word as far a Rita is concerned).
Is it simply a matter of scanning various docs into a large pdf and then uploading same?
I assume an explanation of the reason for the upload would assist whoever receives it.

Pleas go to: More-> Profile-> Top-up limit
Then pink (?) button on the bottom :slight_smile:

Thanks, but there is no top-up limit button (of any colour) on my (android) page

It should appear when coming closer to the limit.

That could be tricky as I would probably be away when the funds were being drawn down and needing an increase in limit, which could make finding the evidence of income etc a little challenging.
I have uploaded files asking for an increase via the app. No idea where they end up but I will wait optimistically :smiley:

Yes, contact via support chat should work for this, too.