How to receive US dollar payments

Is it possible to receive US dollars into my account from clients?
And then am I able to convert dollars to other currencies?

… I’m assuming the answer is yes! So please - how do I do this?

Thanks in advance

Check FAQs! You can find all details about supported currencies for top ups there. It works the same for all currencies. Hit top up, choose currency, … :slight_smile:

And I am not sure about this but maybe they want us to read between the lines when they write in the FAQs that 3rd Party transfers are accepted from friends and family.

Thanks Frank - but no score!

I’ve looked in FAQs and can’t see how to do this…
I’m wondering if it’s possible - or if Revolut is just a waste of time :frowning:

Do you know if there an actual customer service team?
(Other than Rita, the useless autoresponder)

What’s exactly your question? Do you want to know how to find the bank details that one has to use for top ups? Hit top up, select the currency, then choose the method for a top up and the app shows you all you need to know.

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Thanks Frank.
That’s what I needed (I think).

Do you know if US accounts can pay into my (UK Revolut) account using just the IBAN and BIC?
I know different countries have different requirements…


It’s going to be an international transfer via SWIFT. That’s something most banks in the US offer.


… Do you know what the Revolut’s international bank charges are like?

I’m just realising the Revolut isn’t actually a bank, it’s ‘just’ a limited company.
I’m suddenly not feeling so safe having my money go through a limited company.
And it might be just as cheap/expensive to receive the monies into my HSBC account.

Hmmm… I wish there was an actual representative I could speak with on the phone to have my questions answered!

Thanks for your help Frank!

Hey @wpam :slight_smile:

Yes. Just type live agent and you’ll be transferred to one :wink:

@Frank already pointed you in the right direction: