How to receive my card?


I’m on Revolut for more than a week and I don’t know how is it working to receive my credit card.

First of all, I’m living in US and can’t chose US on Revolut so I wrote a French address but then they never asked me to order my card so I don’t know how it’s working…

I top up 10euros to receive it but is it enough or I have to order it somewhere?

Thank you

Hello @Justine75,

Thank you for contacting us.

As I can see you have only topped up your account.

To order a card please go to the CARD section of the app. You can order a card with Express or Standard delivery.


Andreas K.

@revolut is only available to residents of the EEA area @Justine75
if you are an american resident, you cant use Revolut services

@Justine75 is eligible, as EEA resident. Thank you for clarifying this thought.