How to prove my identity with a joint account

Hello everyone,

I’m a newbie on Revolut. Nice to meet you.

I made two transfers with my account but I saw I had a limit of 250.-/year because my identity wasn’t checked… I tried to send my identity document and a photo but it didn’t work. I thought it would be okay with my joint account but I have some problems :

  • my visa card has the name of my husband ;
  • when I make a transfer, it’s the name of my husband which appears… The name just stops before mine… I have the proof in the informations account but the information doesn’t appear on the transfer, unfortunately… ;
  • the only card with my name is my Maestro, but it’s impossible to make transfers with the Maestro, isn’t it… ?

How can I do… ? Will I have to order a visa card with my name …? I do not need an extra card. I don’t know how to proceed : any ideas with another way ?

Thank you for your answers. Have a good day.

You can’t have a joint account. The card will be with the name of the owner of the account.

Edit: Misread the post. Not sure how to top up with a joint account.

Good morning. Thank you for your reply. But are you talking about the Revolut card? The Revolut card will be in my name. I’m talking about the “source” to recharge my Revolut account.

You might be able to use (request money) and send to a different number than your (your husband) Then he will be provided with the possibility to pay with card. Then the name of the card will match

I’m not sure I understood. My husband is not interested in Revolut (not yet). I would just like to be stocked on my Revolut card from our common account. But with the Visa, it does not suit because it’s his name and since the account, it does not go either because on the transfer, it cuts before my name. To use the “Request money” option, my husband would have to have a Revolut account himself … But he does not need it. Can not I prove it otherwise? Maybe, I would to call my bank to see if it’s possible to make something with the name… It just seems too short to display the whole name.

Do you have the option to verify your account in the classic way with an ID and a picture of yourself?

Hello. Thank you. Yes, I have. But it didn’t work. This identification would be totally separated ? The first step was to add a card. The only one I have is the Visa with the false name. I added this card and after, the identification was asked.

Can you elaborate on what did not work and what would be separated? For the account verification you take a picture of your ID and of yourself from within the application and thats it.