How to pay with card using PLN, not GBP?


Hello, I just received my Revolut card and went to local shop to buy something. I paid with the card, it showed something on the terminal, I clicked ok and it paid with GBP, not with PLN. I have no GBP on my account, only PLN. How can I pay with PLN, because I can see I paid more than I should pay for the product? Thanks for reply in advance. (I paid in Poland it got exchanged to GBP so I lose money)


I presume you have a Polish account and paid in Britain, right? In that case you pay in GBP but it will be automatically deducted from your PLN funds. The FAQ is quite detailed about this subject.




And if you could translate that … :wink:


In Poland, you MUST ALWAYS reject DCC!


I have the same problem I was on post office and terminal ask two questions I said yes twice and I should pay 17.50 PLN but Revolut paid in GBP currency and I paid 2 PLN more than I expected


Then you probably agreed twice to the conversion.


You have to elect to pay in local currency and reject allowing the issuing bank to use currency conversion rate. I remember using atm in Poland and the wording of this option was very obscure. Care required!


Always reject conversion to card currency (gbp):


Just press the red button (in the lower left corner of the terminal) when you are asked about the GBP payment. The terminal then continues in PLN.