How to pay with card in specific currency?


I want to use my Revolut card in Switzerland, and pay with CHF.

My native Revolut account is in EUR. I’ve activated a CHF account in the app as well, and transferred a small amount to it, to see if and how it works. It does.

In order to pay in Switzerland with CHF, do I have to transfer the whole amount of money I need to CHF in this CHF account? Or will Revolut exchange the CHF and deduct EUR from my regular account at the time of paying with the card?

My question might be a bit confusing, but hope it’s clear what I want and I would like to know how to do it right :slight_smile:


Hey. Read the faq at Essentially you don’t have to do anything it will auto exchange. Unless you have chf on your account then the card will use that first, before using your base currency.


Thank you very much @henrikbjorn That’s the clear answer I was looking for.

Good to know that first the CHF’s in my account will be used, and in case of exceeding payments my EUR account will be used.

Regards, Gerard


Has anyone actually done this? If I have money in my EUR account, but my base currency is GBP. If I spend in EUR, does it really take the money from your EUR account?

It seems like a very clever idea - one card for all currencies, but it worries me that no-one says it actually works.


Used in Sweden base currency is Norwegian kroner. Works well. Also tried with dollar online.


If your Base Currency is GBP and you buy something in Belgium for Euro, then it will exchange at interbank rate from your GBP account. However! If you have EUR account enabled and sufficient amount in it, it will use that before exchanging from your base currency.

This is all explained in the faq at