How to pay someone in BTC outside of Revolut ?


I bought a BTC on revolut, and would like to pay someone who doesn’t have revolut with this BTC. So how can I do a transfer on an e-wallet ? (because if this feature is not available, then it is only for pure speculation purpose I guess, which is not the primary purpose of Revolut in my understanding.
Thanks !


Following - I’m interested in this feature too. I can’t see it anywhere, I guess we can only speculate at the moment!


It’s not available yet.

One can “spend” crypto, though. When making a card payment or transfer, cryptos will be exchanged at the current rate into the Fiat currency of choice of the payment.


Thanks, but it is not exactly the same since if the price moves in the meantime (versus Fiat currency) then either me or the person I pay in BTC will be at risk.

When will this feature be available ?

Thanks !


No timeframe announced yet.