How to order physical card?



When I installed Revolut app few weeks ago and wanted to order physical card, I had to top up certain amount of money and then open Cards section. There, on my virtual card view I had button to order physical card.

Recently I encouraged my father to try Revolut. He installed the app, topped up account, verified account, but when he opens his virtual card screen there is no option to order physical card. Why is that? The only possibility to order physical card is to swipe left and order a spare card (both virtual and physical). He definitely hasn’t ordered physical card to his main virtual one. Can anyone help me?


Hey there, I believe we have discussed this on Twitter already. But you cannot change a virtual card to a physical one, they will be two separate cards.


Is there a way to order a physical card for free with the same card number as the virtual one?
One of my friends informed me that there was such an option but I can’t see any in Revolut Cards under my virtual one.


I recently purchased train tickets on trainline with my virtual card on the app but the collection of the tickets requires a physical card to be inserted intro the ticket machine. As such, my purchase will be forfeited and I have to purchase new tickets again unless I can produce the physical card from my revolut app.

May I check if it is possible to issue a physical card for the virtual card in my app right now?


Hi there,

Sorry this isn’t a option :frowning:


I had the same issue with my Trainline tickets

In the future I’d pay with PayPal via Revolut as PayPal pickup allows ANY card to be used for pick up :slight_smile:

Also with the card numbers not matching, I had it happen, panicked and went to the ticket booth where they can override it very simply

Hope this helps!