How to open Revolut Business Account

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Please note that there are certain criterias which needs to be followed to be eligible to open a business account :

The most common ones are as follows:

1.Unsupported type of industry
2.Unsupported type of business entity
3.Unsupported business country
4.Lack of physical country
5.Your company status is not active in the Registry

Do check the above criteria and for further support please contact us through this link. :rocket:

Hope this helps :smiling_face:

Veda | Community Team

Hello, I have created a new account. The first time I received this letter for a refusal, the reason is, please help" Thank you for submitting information for Cristea Daniel. We’ve reviewed everything you gave us, but unfortunately, we can’t offer you a business account at this time. Please see our reason below.

We know it’s disappointing, but this decision follows Revolut’s policies and is not a judgment on you or your business. Unfortunately this decision is final and can’t be appealed. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll reach out to you directly if we can offer you an account in the future.

Best regards,

Revolut Business

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Hi @Mohammedbenkhelif and welcome.
This is a user community so unlikely that anyone here can answer your query except to point you to the answer provided by @Veda.Ramesh above your post wicjh might explain further for you.


Welcome to our :r: community @Mohammedbenkhelif :wave: . Sorry to hear that you business account got rejected. :frowning_face: I hope Graham’s reply will help you to get some clarity on this. :pray:

Thanks for helping him @Graham_Lees. :blush:


How do invoices look like? Are there templates? Thanks

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Do you have any analysis sir on the reason for rejection

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Does [this help] regarding Online Invoicing?

Sorry no - I’m a :r: user like yourself with no access whatever to the reasons behind decisions made by :r:

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Thanks, but I would like to see how a invoice looks like

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I believe they look rather generic, and the website @Graham_Lees linked does provide an impression. There’s a simplified invoice shown there. The FAQs (switch to business, search for invoice) give additional information about options to customise them.


Just to add to the post by @frank having in the past written quite a bit of accounting software including Invoicing modules, I find it remarkable that a banking/fincon app could be relied upon to cover all aspects of accounting requirements by jurisdiction since there are so many aspects which must be taken account of - Sales Tax, VAT/TVA, European Sales/acquisition lists formal notifications etc (to name but a few). Most sensible accounting software - which most serious business would utilise in any event - would generally include an invoicing module tailored to their specific need and satisfy the legal obligations they must comply with.


My impression is that Revolut’s module is comparable to Spotify for example. Its main purpose seems to be to provide customers with calls to action that bring the payment over to Revolut’s platform. I can imagine that it can be customised to some extent to cover relevant aspects of invoice design, but most likely not for all kinds of businesses and not in all regions.


Indeed, that would be a big ask!

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We know it’s disappointing, but in United States, we can’t open a business account for applicants living in your country of residence. If you have a verifiable permanent address in United States

If my LLC is well registered in the US as a non-resident, I don’t understand why the bank won’t let me open the account?

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Hi, I had applied for my ltd company in Ireland for business account ( seem to meet all eligibility criteria) . Got verified then got told today that revolut cannot open a business account for me at this time with no reason given!
If I new why I could either just accept or if necessary rectify issue as needed.

Please can you (or anyone ) advise how I can find out reason for account refusal .

Thank you


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@tony_burke_cardiff Hello :wave: and welcome to the :r: community.

I am so sorry to hear about this :frowning_face: We are here to help you. :hugs:
Please scroll up on this thread to check the criterias which need to be followed to be eligible to open a business account. :eyes:

If you are still unable to solve the issue please contact us through this link.

Hope this helps :rocket: Please do not hestitate to contact us for further queries.

Veda | Community team


UK Business (Not using Revolut) setting up subsidiary in France. Require a business bank account. But going through the process, Revolut is looking for established businesses. My legal team are creating a draft article for the creation on the business. In France in order to complete the set-up we require a business bank account (chicken/egg). Please advise how I set-up a business bank account?
Thank you in advance.
p.s. apologies for using this thread, I cannot seem to create my own.

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Hi @askariblue and welcome
No need to start a new topic as this one already provides the answers you require :arrow_up: in particular, use the [form here] to contact the Business Team directly if you have other specific questions.


Hi @Graham_Lees I’ve read through and do not see anything relating to establishing a french business. Lots for UK and lots of old stuff. What am I missing? Also, I have used that form, in fact I’ve used it three times and the mobile chat. I keep getting fobbed off, no answers given. The responses so far are… ‘ill come back to you’ (never do), or “this is a french team issue, im in the UK”, or ‘try the form’ or ‘try the chat’. The best so far was, just create an account and you’ll get help during that process… but as stated I cannot go past the option that has a drop down from all registered businesses. I am at a loss how to progress.