How to make bank transfert ?



I ´d like to know how making bank transfert because my bank only request the Iban.
How revolut can be sure it’s for my account ?


Please check the FAQ. (It is also not clear form your question if you are talking about a transfer from or to you Revolut account, but I assume you want to know how to top-up?)

You can make a transfer to Revolut via online/mobile banking or by instructing your bank to make the transfer or in branch.

Hit the ‘Top Up’ button and tap ‘Bank Transfer’. Next, select the currency you would like to top up your Revolut account in. The rule is that you should top up in the currency that your bank account is held in. For example, if you have a UK bank account make sure you top-up in GBP.

You will be directed to a page which shows the account details you need to make a transfer to.

Topping up in GBP:

If you are making a transfer from a bank account in the UK please select ‘Local’ to find the details for your own current account - with a unique account number and sort-code. Alternatively, select ‘Iban’ to find our GBP Iban and SWIFT code. CHAPS payments and direct debits are not supported.

Topping up in EUR/USD:

Please ensure the reference/description for your transfer is the 8-digit reference number highlighted in pink on this page with no other text. This will ensure that your funds go straight into your account. If you forget to use this reference, please message the in-app support.

For EUR/USD, you can only top-up your Revolut account from a bank account registered in your name. Transfers from third parties, including but not limited to companies, families & friends will be returned to the sender’s account after deducting processing fees.