How to make a bank transfer from revolut to uk account

Hello, i want to make a bank transfer but i only have the IBAN and BIC of the receiving end. When I try to make a trandfer via revolut i am asked for a account number and sort-code.
What can I do?


That’s pretty unusual, in the UK they use the sort-code + account number for local transfers.
Theoretically, the last 8 numbers of the IBAN should be the account number, and the 6 before that should be the sort code. Don’t rely only on this information though!

I highly advise you to ask for account number + sort code from the person who gave you the IBAN. If that’s indeed a UK account, they should have this information.

IBAN and BIC are asked in Revolut when sending Euros, make sure to know if you need to send GBP or EUR.