How to lock a rate in PHP


Currently travelling in the Philippines, the EUR/PHP exchange rate has been fluctuating quite a bit.
Consequently I’d like to “lock in” a rate by exchanging euros to pesos in advance, but I can’t seem to be able to do that in the app!? It seems only trivial since Revolut supports payments in PHP.

Am I missing something?


Due to regulation around the PHP currency they’re not allowed to hold balances of it - only exchange it on the spot.

This is also the case for INR.

I couldn’t name an account that you’d be able to do this with, so I’m afraid you’d have to take the rate at the second.

Sorry about this

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Actually it’s less about holding a balance in PHP and more about selling PHP. If Revolut let you hold a balance in PHP, then they would arguably also need to allow you to sell that balance for another currency, and this is where regulations get in the way.

I wish that PHP was supported, as it’s the currency of the cheapest country for Spotify - PHP 194 per month for a family subscription.