How to link CHF Paypal to CHF Revolut Account?

Hello Community

Does anyone know how to link a CHF Paypal Account with Revolut’s CHF Account?

Challenge Nr. 1: There are too many fees when transferring from Paypal to my Bank (UBS) and then from my Bank to Revolut. I want to send my Paypal funds directly onto my Revolut card without having to go via my Bank Account.

Challenge Nr. 2: The CHF Account on Revolut only allows SWIFT transfers, which means it requires a Reference number since there is no personalized IBAN. Is it even possible to send funds directly from Paypal to a CHF Revolut Account?

Thank you!

HI gminii

Challenge 1: there’s a way of adding the revolut-card to paypal and then doing a"withdrawle" money from paypal - but it shall take some time until you’ve got the money on your account…

Challenge 2: impossible since we don’t get a CHF-account with own IBAN, there’s no way of linking it… Though, you could use your Revolut-EUR-Account to link that to Paypal, and transfer money in EUR (if you’re ready to accept PP’s exchange-rates)

Hint: check transferwise .com - or read this thread:


I did the same and it’s doesn’t work !
Résident suisse et ubs today i don’t know how use iban chf Revolut. Ask me référence but i can’t add this information on ubs versement national ?
I use always same process and crédit card to refund my Revolut account and today it doesn’t work.

Please help me