How to know if my account is closed?

Hello, I have the following problem: I tried to close my revolut account, previously I deleted the cards and the account was at 0€.
To close the account they sent me a sms to close the mobile account, when I copied the code and went back to the application to put it, the APP was already closed and does not let me enter, it did not let me put the code to delete the account.
How can I know if the account has been cancelled completely?
There is no support via email? since I can not enter the app with my number and my previous password, so I understand that it would already be canceled? although I did not put the cancellation code that I got by sms to my mobile?


In the topic below there are mentioned several ways how to contact Revolut support without having access to the app (including an email address).

I have the same problem

Please check my post just above yours.

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It’s still amazing that I can’t know if my account is closed because I no longer have access to this account …

You can, get in touch with Revolut. How? Find out by reading the T&Cs, there’s a section about how to contact them.

You would have stumbled upon similarly helpful information also by clicking on the link that @PoelieV provided in his initial response to you.

hello you have closed my account and there is 859 € on it so I would like to recover my money on another account, I can not even connect to the account anymore nor nothing is not normal I would like to recover my money mef

@Fernando1 this is a user resource and you are unlikely to get an answer to your issue here.
As mentioned above read this topic on ways to obtain assistance from :r: