How to get card?


I have set up my account and put some money onto it but I am unable to get a card. A reminder e-mail suggests I use the app but this sends me in circles - Select a delivery method/Free just takes me to two options: View Upgrade options and cancel. Where is the free delivery option?


Except when there are special offers for new customers, you cannot get a physical card for free. If you have a free account, you need to pay for the card to be sent to you. If you have a paid subscription, you can get a card without paying any more.


Thanks for responding. The display suggests that delivery is free but I see now that it isn’t.


Yes, it’s all a bit muddling. Icd like to hope that’s incompetence rather than malice, but I do suspect they deliberately give the idea that the card is free. No-one else, not even Starling with there identical design of fancy packaging of the posted card, charge for delivery.


Yes the ‘click here for free card’ certainly gives that idea!

Thanks for responding and have a good day.

David Fox