How to get a Spare Card without Blocking


Is there a way of purchasing a spare card without blocking your already existing card? If you purchase a card in the normal way on the app, will this create a totally new account as there is no specific option for a Spare physical card.
I know it gave me the option originally but I didn’t select this at the time.


Just choose a new card in the app. The old wouldn’t be blocked.
No new account will be created


Wot Ivan said :+1:
You will have both cards shown in ‘Cards’ section of the app but still keep just the one account.


You can have up to two physical cards. Adding a new card does not replace an existing one.


Thankyou for your help. I have now received my spare card. Do I need to register it within the app and does it have the same IBAN/ account details as the original


Thank Ivan.
Received the spare card today. Do I need to register the spare card in the app and I presume it holds the same IBAN codes as the original?


It should be working out of the box. The IBAN is connected to you account not the card it self.

Think you might use it in a shop before you can use an ATM (but not sure)


Almost :wink:

First make a chip + PIN transaction, then contactless works.