How to get a Rev. Maestro card in The Netherlands?

Is there a possibility to have a second Revolut card which is a Maestro (instead of VISA)?

I’m based in The Netherlands and received a Revolut VISA card, but - specifically with smaller shops - that is hardly accepted here.

If I’m applying for an extra card in the app there only seems to be the option for VISA. VISA is automatically offered and I can’t find a way to change this or opt for Maestro.

In the screen below select Maestro.

Thnx! Found it. I was only looking at virtual cards and there’s not the option . Physical is fine :+1:


Luckily you can add the physical card to Apple Pay and disable it within the app for anything but contactless transactions :slight_smile: as virtual as you can get unfortunately!

Thnx, I learned something :+1:

I almost only use my cards at my Apple Watch anyhow but didn’t know they could be disabled in the app and still used with Apple Pay. That was the reason I looked for a virtual one as well, I don’t use the physical one. No need to pay for one then as well.

Thanks again.

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Keep in mind that the security settings in the app refer to the method for authorization. Apple Pay supports two kinds of payments: for in store payments with the phone or the watch, then “contactless” is relevant. When you use Apple Pay to pay for in-app purchases, app subscriptions, on websites, then “online transactions” is relevant. So if you block “online payments” for a specific card, in-app payments with Apple Pay using this card should be affected as well.