How to find out why card has been declined?


I tried to order some small computer-parts “directly from the manufacturer” (aliex…). As usual, I tried to pay with the revolut-card. Sadly, this time it has been declined (“issuer declined the card” - popup-error disappeared before i could make a screenshot)…

Ali-Support can’t help as it was the issuer-side, but I can’t see anything within the App…

…how can I find out why the card has been declined? IF there is a way other than contacting support?

can you see the declined transaction on the revolut app?
(I have a dedicated virtual :r: card for aliexpress and use it at least twice a week)

Yeah it appeared a minute ago… says “please contact support for more informations”… so be it.
Hope I don’t have to wait for next year until an agent can help :wink:

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…only two hours and a few minutes, BUT:
apparently, there were some technical difficulties at revolut leading to the card being declined…

(also that might be the reason why the declined payment appeared delayed in the app)

retrying worked?


used the TW-card instead…
there were some percent off of the items, the promo ended long time before support answered…

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