How to enable e-commerce?


How to enable e-commerce? I cannot see such option in my app on the phone.

Please provide me with exact steps how to set this option.


Hey @Martinelli :slight_smile:

Open the app. Go to the Cards tab. Select your card and click Security (note you will not see this option on virtual cards, as that’s the only transaction they can make and it’s always enabled) :wink:


Thanks. This is probably the reason I did not see ‘Security’ option (I have only virtual cards). However I tried to connect this card to paypal and it got rejected. I tried it with a virtual card of my friend and it added properly. We created these cards in the same way. Could you tell me what might be the reason of rejecting my virtual card by paypal?


The error message I am getting:
‘This card is not accepted. Please use a different card.’


Anyone could help me please?


Ask help in-app support. Sometimes something has to be done by support’s hands :grin: (I have experienced similar situation commented with my plastic).