How to do a bank transfer to another person?

I have a Revolut physical card and a Revolut bank account in Euros for 2 weeks now. I would like to transfer money from my Revolut bank account to a bank account of a friend. He doesn’t have Revolut, I know his bank account details (IBAN and BIC). But I just don’t see an option to transfer money to him! Is there a way? Should I activate something?

Thanks for an answer!

Hello @Nestak :slight_smile:

You have a purple “Transactions” button in the middle of the “Sections” bar at the bottom of the app. If your app is up-to-date, you should see “Send to bank account” there, and it will take you through an easy to follow procedure :wink:

Awesome, thanks for the quick reply! Yes, I have the button, and yes it works. I just have rigorously ignored it - I thought it is the button for “change currencies” :slight_smile: . Issue solved, cheers!

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Quick question, what does it cost (roughly) to send £1000 stg from Revolut to external Euro bank account?



That should cost nothing. It would be a EUR SEPA transfer. Just make sure to send EUR, not GBP to that EUR account, otherwise the recipient would be charged by his bank for the conversion.