How to disable weekly spending info?

Since some time Revolut started to send these push notification about your weekly spendings. Not sure how this “feature” called in english as revolut still dont allow to freely choose app’s language disregarding of what language is set on phone as default… :grimacing:
Anyway, is there any setting in app where I can turn off these push notifications regarding spending or turn off this un-wanted spending info feature at all ?

Dashboard - > Settings - > Privacy :sweat_smile:

@Kastello Do you mean I should disable that second option?

I have misread it my bad! According to the support you can only disable it if you deactivate the budget in the analytics tab

Not sure how to do that.

Curious to know why you want to disable this nice feature. This is not annoyingly in any main pages. It just sits in the notification page.

Feature itself is not that annoying, but somehow I just find push notification about it annoying.

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I see it only once a week. The more you use Revolut, the more you find it relevant of this insight.