How To Create A Revolut Business Account As A Freelancer? 🤔

Are you a freelancer and thinking about creating an account to manage your business? :briefcase:

:bank: Ohh! you are at the right place. We provide Business accounts for companies, freelancers or employees. In this article I will help you to create a freelance account :arrow_heading_down:

Where to start?
You can create a Business account as a freelancer via our website (Sign up for Revolut Business) :technologist:, or via our Android/iOS app :calling:, selecting the “Sign up” option from the first page.

1. Right after selecting sign up, just choose “Create a freelancer account” and select your country of residence in the following step :round_pushpin:

2. :envelope_with_arrow: Enter your email address (it can be the same as your personal Revolut account) → :phone:Enter the verification code received in your email and follow the same for your phone number as well.

3. :closed_lock_with_key: Create a password (in contrast to our personal accounts, access to our Revolut Business accounts requires an alphanumeric password).

4. :person_raising_hand: If you have a personal account, you’re in luck, our system will locate you to reduce your workload. You will only have to select your name. If you don’t have a personal Revolut account, or you want to skip this step, you can tap on “It’s not me”.

5. :bust_in_silhouette: If in the previous step you selected “It’s not me”, or you do not have a personal Revolut account, in the following steps you will need to enter your full name, date of birth and your personal address.

6. :paperclip:We will provide you with our T&C and will ask you which functions you will use the most :star:

7. :globe_with_meridians:In the following steps, we will require more information from your business activity. You will be asked for a website or a business social media profile. If you don’t have one, you can select “Don’t have a website?” and “Upload proof later” :rocket:

:on:After filling in the previous sections with your basic information, you will arrive at the main page :bank:, where you will have to provide some documents :open_file_folder:, just a few.

In the next article, I will explain which personal and business documents can be provided in each section :paperclips:

:grey_question:Do you have any questions so far? Feel free to share it in the comments below, and I will do my best to help you :construction_worker_man:


There have been quite a few questions on this in the past from memory where people have become frustrated that they have not been able to open a business account seamlessly with :r:
Good to see that those issues are being addressed and that you are on board as it were…


Thank you for the feedback @Graham_Lees :star_struck:
We hope you find our business articles helpful.
Don’t hesitate to let us know if you would like us to cover a specific topic :writing_hand:

Pere | Community Business Team

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if you create a Revolut Pro account, the number for Revolut pro will be different from the personal account right?


Welcome to our community @cpace :wave:. Revolut Pro is a freelancer/self-employed/sole-trader account in your Revolut app with separate account and account details, with dedicated IBAN (same format as Retail IBAN), a specific linked business card to that account and cashback on transactions. :briefcase:

SG | Community Team

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Hello everyone :wave: ,

Since we are trying to revamp our community, we have launched a feedback form regarding that. You can also share your feedback here: Community User Experience Feedback :point_left:

SG | Community Team

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Do I have to sign up for a separate freelancer account if I already have a personal account, or can I just add that to my existing account? Many thanks!


Welcome back to our community @xbotgrl :wave:. It’s great to have you back. :star_struck:

I would request you to kindly open a separate business account as a freelancer. If you have a personal account already, our system will automatically locate you to reduce your workload. You will only have to select your name. We have described the whole process in this topic. Hope that helps. :arrow_double_up: :arrow_double_up:

SG | Community Team

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Hi, if I create a business or Revolut Pro account, am I able to send money from my personal account?

I understand that I should use it exclusively for business purposes, but if I earn money, can I transfer that money to my personal account? Or, because it’s a business account, am I not allowed to do so?


Sure, you can transfer between all Revolut accounts. The how might be different, but you can always make a regular bank transfer using account numbers.

Sure, you can transfer “business” money to a personal account. You’re paying yourself a “salary”, so to speak. Personal withdrawals are business transactions. But what you shouldn’t do is pay a train ticket for a vacation with the business or Revolut Pro card, for example. That would be a violation of the T&Cs.


Understood, thank you so much! :slight_smile:


It’s great to see that your issue has been resolved @manuMatnez. Please let us know if you need anything else. :hugs:

Thank you for helping out @Frank. :star:

SG | Community Team


Hi, I am a bit confused.
At the moment I am self-employed and want to start online print on demand business. I like to open my online shop and sell products that would be produce online when the customer buys it. So there would be no inventory needed. I would also like to build a website for my shop and integrate checkout payments. I read that Revolut has something called “Revolut Pay”. I belive that the API would be needed.

So my question would be - what type of business account would suit my needs?
(I have personal Revolut account already).


Hi @DCerne and welcome
Does [This Topic] provide you with an answer to your question?


Hello @DCerne ,

Welcome to our community. Thank you for showing your interest in our freelancer account. In order to link a Revolut account with your e-commerce and integrate Revolut Pay, you will first need to sign up for Revolut Business through this link selecting “Create a freelancer account”.

Once you have the account approved you will be able to request the activation of a Merchant account, which will allow you to receive payments from your customers through your online shop.

In this same article you can find step by step how to register as a freelancer in Revolut Business and in this one how to activate your Merchant account once the account is approved.

Please, feel free to comment if you have any other questions.

Pere | Community Team


Do business accounts have currency pockets as well?


Hello @suzanne8 ,

Welcome to our community.

Yes, if your business is in one of our supported countries, you will be able to hold, send, receive and exchange up to +25 currencies.

Pere | Community Team.


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