How To Create A Revolut Business Account As A Freelancer? 🤔

Are you a freelancer and thinking about creating an account to manage your business? :briefcase:

:bank: Ohh! you are at the right place. We provide Business accounts for companies, freelancers or employees. In this article I will help you to create a freelance account :arrow_heading_down:

Where to start?
You can create a Business account as a freelancer via our website (Sign up for Revolut Business) :technologist:, or via our Android/iOS app :calling:, selecting the “Sign up” option from the first page.

1. Right after selecting sign up, just choose “Create a freelancer account” and select your country of residence in the following step :round_pushpin:

2. :envelope_with_arrow: Enter your email address (it can be the same as your personal Revolut account) → :phone:Enter the verification code received in your email and follow the same for your phone number as well.

3. :closed_lock_with_key: Create a password (in contrast to our personal accounts, access to our Revolut Business accounts requires an alphanumeric password).

4. :person_raising_hand: If you have a personal account, you’re in luck, our system will locate you to reduce your workload. You will only have to select your name. If you don’t have a personal Revolut account, or you want to skip this step, you can tap on “It’s not me”.

5. :bust_in_silhouette: If in the previous step you selected “It’s not me”, or you do not have a personal Revolut account, in the following steps you will need to enter your full name, date of birth and your personal address.

6. :paperclip:We will provide you with our T&C and will ask you which functions you will use the most :star:

7. :globe_with_meridians:In the following steps, we will require more information from your business activity. You will be asked for a website or a business social media profile. If you don’t have one, you can select “Don’t have a website?” and “Upload proof later” :rocket:

:on:After filling in the previous sections with your basic information, you will arrive at the main page :bank:, where you will have to provide some documents :open_file_folder:, just a few.

In the next article, I will explain which personal and business documents can be provided in each section :paperclips:

:grey_question:Do you have any questions so far? Feel free to share it in the comments below, and I will do my best to help you :construction_worker_man:


There have been quite a few questions on this in the past from memory where people have become frustrated that they have not been able to open a business account seamlessly with :r:
Good to see that those issues are being addressed and that you are on board as it were…


Thank you for the feedback @Graham_Lees :star_struck:
We hope you find our business articles helpful.
Don’t hesitate to let us know if you would like us to cover a specific topic :writing_hand:

Pere | Community Business Team

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if you create a Revolut Pro account, the number for Revolut pro will be different from the personal account right?

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Welcome to our community @cpace :wave:. Revolut Pro is a freelancer/self-employed/sole-trader account in your Revolut app with separate account and account details, with dedicated IBAN (same format as Retail IBAN), a specific linked business card to that account and cashback on transactions. :briefcase:

SG | Community Team