How to contact support without being on Wi-Fi?

I am on iOS 13.3.1 with Revolut app’s newest version 6.37.

I parameter iOS to use cellular data with my Revolut app. This means that I can transact on the go without the requirement of Wi-Fi.

However, there is one feature that does not seem to work while on cellular data. It is chat. It says " You are offline " with the grey icon, and the only way to get online with chat is to switch Wi-Fi back on.

Is this a bug?

As I expect many travelers to be using Revolut, there are certainly cases where they need immediate support while traveling, and where Wi-Fi access is not possible.

Is it done on purpose by Revolut to limit the number of people contacting chat support? Given that chat is the only way to contact support, I find it very limiting.


Do you use an VPN? If yes, try turning it off.

VPN is not an issue…
Got exactly same problem😅
Spoke to customer service about it, but no solution so far…

Sounds like an provider issue. Maybe some block certain data transmissions. Don’t know why they would do it but sounds a lot like it.

is revolut trustworthy?

Hi, this thread is derailing a bit from my original question. The key point in my question is the need of WiFi for chat to work. It is not about support being hard to reach (there are other threads for this).

My question is purely technical. Why on 4G, do I appear as offline and cannot chat with an agent, and when I switch to WiFi I am back online in the chat.

My app is set to using cellular data.

As I said before it sounds like an carrier issue.

Hi, for some reason this bug is solved for me now. Not sure if it was corrected on Revolut side or carrier side, however it is now fixed. I don’t rely on WiFi anymore to be able to contact Customer Support.

The remaining issue is that Support takes ages (11+ hours) to respond to a “Live Agent” request… even on a Premium subscription…