How to contact by direct message @AdreasK? (regarding refund in case of no reference)

How to contact by direct message? (regarding refund in case of no reference)

I would suggest contact via in-app chat (or via Twitter)

if you tap on @anon33247966 (or anyone else for that matter) you’ll see a [message] button, click/tap it :wink:

but as @redi said, these things are aorted via the in-app chat.

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That is the problem that I cannot see any message buttons. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked…

So, I have to open an account and pay ÂŁ10 to get that possibility to chat? Which I did. But even then I had to wait one day that chat possibility to appear in my app.

try at

No you don’t have to pay anything unless you want to order the card :wink:

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How are you surfing the webs?
Honestly? You can’t oversee it.

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pictures for completeness :wink:


hard to miss indeed @Aris2

Thanks, a lot for the answer, @Platin! Now I can see the the Message button.


I want to contact @anon33247966 for help, and i do not see a private message button. And its urgent…What can i do?

As explained in this thread. You need to be registered on this forum for 24hrs before you can DM. For urgent issues you are better using the app, twitter or FB.


why do they come to talk to @anon33247966 specifically? does his fame crossed the frontiers of this forum?


I had found several posts by AndreasK himself where he asks people with this problem to talk to him directly. This company (Revolut), as I understand, do not have a straight procedure to get returns in case of not entered reference. Which is very strange…
P.S. Btw, I have tried a chat in app. (That’s why I had to pay £10 …) Still waiting for the answer.

try twitter or facebook instead. they are a lot more effective.

Andreas K for president!


it’s impressive, people registering here just for the privilege of sharing some words with Andreas!

What else you can get?