How to close account

Can you please tell me how to close my account? Support is unresponsive, and I don’t see any information on the help centre.
Thank you.

You should find that support is slow but not unresponsive. They will get back to you eventually.

They did get back to me but they’ve been silent for hours and my chat history is now blank (all previous messages gone).
They also said I’d need to get my accountant to sign a letter to close the account. I’ve never heard of this requirement from a bank before. My accountant’s time isn’t free. I want to double-check this.

My accountant confirmed that the request to provide a reference to close an account is extremely odd – the information he provided is available on Companies House, but there was apparently no getting around this requirement.

I’m pleased to say the account has now been closed, anyway.

If anyone at Revolut is collating feedback, here are the reasons for leaving.

Terrible interface for transactions

Deactivated all debit cards in December, just after setting up, forcing us change the card details within 20 days on every single site over the festive period (extra admin I don’t need at Christmas or at any other time)

No support for Direct Debits despite promising this for 9+ months – the killer

No support for PayPal

No IBAN personal to us (admit I have not checked recently if this has changed, we decided to leave a while ago)

Expensive monthly fee for what is basically a beta version of a bank

Flimsy support - I like live chat for most things but operating a business account via live chat alone is not OK

Slow chat support / abandoned chats

Chat operators are customer service reps and seem to lack banking experience

Incorrect names on debit cards (which we paid for), multiple requests for replacements ignored

Difficult to get basic things like a phone number or contact email address

We were also dismayed at the exchange when we asked to close the account:
My reason: We aren’t really using it
Chat operator: I can see you are using it.

I should not have to argue the toss to close a bank account. It is our right to do that.

Things we liked
FreeAgent integration

Farewell and good luck folks!


please update us on that.

I am facing the same issue after a mess around change of country, phone number …but Revolut is still asking for money to fill in my account.
How could I stop the account and more importantly direct withdrawing?