How to check and update daily limit?



I am new to revolut from London. I have standard price plan. How can I check what is the limit for transactions & top ups in £ and in € ?
If I want to increase the limit I went to More -> Profile -> Verificications & Limit and it says limit is £25,000 per year and no mention of per day limit in each currency.
Also, there is no option of uploading identification document.

So how can I check and increase limit in different currencies ?



Since there are many kinds of different limits and it is not clear to me from your post in what kind of limit you’re actually interested, I am just suggesting the FAQs. You can find all limits for transfers, top ups and card purchases there :wink:


Hey dhanepud

In the Help Centre you can search for “limit” and find a bunch of good answers.

Here is one of the results but i urge you to search on your own.