How to change the currency of a top up card?

I’m trying to change the currency of my saved top up by card card and I can’t do it. I remember when I started to use Revolut, there was an option to change the currency of your card multiple times. Now when you store a new card it takes it automatically. Is it a bug? Do I need to contact with an agent to change it for me? Thanks and have a great day.

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This is not bug, it is feature :slight_smile:
See this:

There is now need to change the currency of the card. You just have to be aware to use the right card for the right currency.

I for example use a EUR card that is issued in the UK for top ups. Revolut assumes this is a GBP card (and shows this in the description), but I just use it to top up in EUR and everything works like it is supposed to work.

Thanks for replying.
I did something similar. I tried to top up the revolut euro balance using a UK issued card holding euros and revolut shown me the fee, its was 1.3 euros if I’m right for toping up 100 euros. The UK card had 100,50 euros and after all the top up was declined due to insufficient balance.

I know that it can be possible to top up by card using a different currency card but did you pay the fees too?

I cannot check it. I have only PLN card and I top up without any fee

The fees for top up cards are not related to currency. There should not be a fee for a private credit / debit card issued in any EU country.

If the card is a business card (higher merchant fees!), that might explain the fee. If Revolut’s system recognizes a personal card wrongfully as a business card, you can send additional paperwork via support chat to proof that the card is indeed a personal and not an business card. Revolut will be able to update their system to allow top ups without fees for you.

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Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up!