How to cancel premium subscription?



I’ve just started a premium subscription accidentally and wanted to cancel it straight away, however, the in app support bot is not responding at all to my messages.

Is there any other way I can cancel this as soon as possible, I don’t want to incur unnecessary charges from this mistaken button press.



Hey @Kyawn :slight_smile:

You only need to go to the More tab of the app, click Support and tell Rita what you want :wink:


yes, its too easy to subscribe (even by mistake)

need to make 2 step registration for premium:

  1. click “subscribe” and system should send you SMS with code
  2. enter SMS code manually (if not entered in 5-10-15min then no subscribtion apply)

(can repeat later subscribtion)


I apologise if my wording was not understood, but as I mentioned I’ve already gone to the support bot (Rita) and there have been almost no responses in the past 2 hours.

I’ve finally been told that I will be escalated to a live agent, but this could take up to 12 hours apparently!

My whole reason for creating this forum post was to ask if there are alternative ways to cancel a premium subscription?


You can cancel the subscription within the first month (because the first month is free). In that case you need to talk to Support, but try to contact :r: on Twitter because it might be faster.


I was in your shoes yesterday. Good news is you don’t have to stay online, support will reply “in the background”. In my case they simply said "I have cancelled your premium… is there anything else i can help with?"
Just wait those 12 hours and they will get to you.

PS Revolut needs to seriously hire customer support agents. Ever since I signed up they are always “unusually busy at the moment”


That’s good to hear that the resolution is swift when a response comes through. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.


I can cancel it for you, let me know.


Hey Andreas,

If you cancel this for me that would be great thanks!


I’ve canceled it for you :slight_smile:


Brilliant, thank you for that


Hi I did exactly the same and would like to cancel my subscription too. Thank you very much for your help


As I can see you’re on a standard price plan.


I got a reply through the support in the end thank you


Hi @AndreasK - at the risk of continuing a series of “me too” posts. It would be great if you could cancel my Premium too.

If your mktg dept is tracking these things, the reason for cancelling:

  • when trading cryptos I don’t actually get the coin - you’re simply linking to the underlying asset. Since there isn’t actually any coin, I can’t transfer it to my own private wallet for storage.
  • The bid-ask spread of cryptos is ridiculous and your reporting of the price is misleading.
  • I only wanted premium as an easy way to trade cryptos (I’m in the UK)

I love the app and could see it being a part of my daily life but the above leaves a bit of a sour taste.



Please can you cancel my premium subscription?


Hello @AndreasK, I too want to cancel my premium subscription! What do I have to do?



@AndreasK I would like to cancel my premium subscription for now because i found out that none europeans cannot use the app!! could you please help me with that?


Hey, @AndreasK, could you be so kind and cancel my Premium too? Hate to do it over here, but support is not contacting me for a long time now.
I just wanted to check out the premium features, and thought (maybe that’s naive) that i can cancel the premium plan as easily as i can acquire it, at least in the “free trial month period”.
I guess i was wrong.
Sorry to bother you Sir. Merry christmass.


Please reach out our in-app support team.